• Ornamental Prunings
  • Rehabilitative Prunings
  • Removals and Power Line Clearances
  • Structural Prunings
  • Stump Grinding
  • City Authorized (Permitted) Prunings and Removals
  • We do not tip, top, strip or lion-tail ANY tree for any reason
  • We do not flat-side ANY tree or bush


  • Terms and Conditions


    1.     We adhere to strict ANSI 300 and ISA Pruning Standards; we, therefore, DO NOT tip, strip, top, lion tail nor flat-side trees


    2.     0rnamental Prunings: If a customer will not be present for the entire pruning job, the customer relinquishes the right to direct the cuts being made. The job is completed once the climber descends the tree. If additional cuts are desired, this is qualified as a change order and will be billable at $400.00 per hour. Please remember that all cuts made are to ISA standards only. This preserves the health and well-being of the tree.


    3.     Upon review of completed work and receipt of payment from Spouse/Partner, services are deemed rendered in full. If the other Spouse/Partner deems work unsatisfactory, further work may be requested for an additional fee, billed at $400.00 per hour, to recoup fuel and time expenses. Customer's opinions of subjectivity resulting in libel and slander and or defamation of the Company's character will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


    4.     Payment: Unless prior arrangements have been made; payment is due at the moment of completion of contracted work (net 0 terms).


    5.     Late Fee: Payment is deemed late and delinquent on the 49th hour after the completion of work at which point a 10% late fee shall be calculated and added to the delinquent amount. This late fee will continue to compound every 49 hours until paid in full.


    6.     Rescheduling: 72 hours notification is necessary for the rescheduling of any contracted work. Any rescheduled work must be completed within 21 days of the original commencement date or a cancellation fee will apply (see Section 7).


    7.     Cancellations:  We Care Tree Care has no cooling off period once you have agreed to contract date and amount in email. If the customer chooses to cancel after acceptance of a commencement date, a cancellation fee of $100.00 or 20% of the value of the contract (whichever is greater) will be assessed.


    8.     We reserve the right to monitor and or record all calls for training or legal purposes. We also reserve the right to retain an audio/visual library of all work or negotiations performed.


    9.    Once contract is agreed upon and signed, all communications prior to the commencement of work are to be done via email at










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